Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama's nominee problems.

Richardson withdraws because of an investigation. Daschle withdraws. Nancy Killefer withdraws. Geithner has tax problems, along with the previous two.

Doesn't this show a lack of vetting by the Obama administration? And if they knew about these things, doesn't it show a lack of transparency? Either way, it's an awful way to start as President.

Democrats are already beginning to squander their opportunity to lead the country. Republicans have shown they can't lead it either. So who in the hell is left to run the government efficiently?

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  1. I can only in good conscience read this blog if you make me co-writer/editor/awesome guy. you know, just to give this place some flavorful dialogue.

    needless to say I am distressed by your introductory post. lol.

    - Jim